Utopium Shine a Spotlight on Belstaff Outlaws Premiere

November 10, 2015 at 2:56 PM

BVR Productions and Proud Robinson called upon Utopium to provide the entire technical production for the star-studded Belstaff ‘Outlaws’ Premiere, which took place in Soho, London, 21st September 2015.

Belstaff Films and Legs Media celebrated the release of their new short film ‘Outlaws’, a surreal film within a film which features football legend David Beckham as a daredevil motorbiker. The Premiere took place in La Bodega Negra Bar, Soho, during London Fashion Week and boasted a host of invite-only guests including David Beckham, Cathy Moriarty, and Jack O' Connell. 

Guests were invited to watch the film in a custom built cinema and Utopium worked for BVR Productions to create a truly immersive environment, with lighting and high quality sound, as well as authentic cinema seating. 

The sound for the pop-up cinema was created using Utopium’s Yamaha processing, Thunder Ridge speakers and Crown amplification, to ensure it was of the highest quality. The lighting was created using Well LED uplighters and intimidator Spot 150’s to create the right ambience for the event. 

Downstairs in La Bodega Negra Bar, Utopium was called upon to light up band performances using EzPin and EzWash Rechargeable LED pin spots and washes, Color Band Pix M’s and Colorado Quad 1’s to light the stage. All the lighting was controlled using the Avolites Quartz Console. To ensure the best possible sound for the band performances, Utopium used JBL PRX, two PRX718 XLF bass’, two JBL PRX712’s and two JBL PRX 710’s for the PA. 

Throughout the venue, Solar 250’s with custom gobos were used for the necessary branding. 

Angus Chinn, Utopium’s project manager commented: “To celebrate the premiere of ‘Outlaws’, organisers wanted to create an authentic setting which was in line with Belstaff’s overall feel. We worked closely with BVR Productions to ensure we created the right look within the venue and pop-up cinema to make certain the screening was as memorable as possible.” 

‘Outlaws’ was shot on location in Mexico, written and directed by Geremy Jasper and produced by Belstaff Films and Legs (a Milk Media Company) and Executive Producer Liv Tyler.


Image courtesy of Dave Benett & Nick Harvey on