SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC (Pack of 4)


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SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC is a low-profile, quad-colour (RGBA) LED PAR with built-in infrared remote control capability. Punchy amber LEDs allow you to generate a broad spectrum of colours and achieve natural looking colour temperatures, while the optional IRC-6 remote control provides an easy point-and-shoot operation of static colours and automated programs. The SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC is perfect for quiet applications and allows you to create any colour without DMX by using the built-in digital display. The SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC has a light source of 3 LED’s (quad colour RGBA) 5w and a beam angle of 20 degrees. Accessories - hook clamp, 15kg safety bond.

  • DMX Channels/Mode - 4 or 9 channel mode
  • Control Input - 3 pin XLR
  • Power Consumption - 46w, 0.2A
  • Weight (Suspended) - 1.7Kg
  • Transport Weight (Pack of 4) - 9.5Kg
  • Product Rate: £26.68 per Day
    £40.00 per Week
    All prices exclude VAT

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