ProLights Z8 IP65 Wireless RGBW LED Batten


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Z8STRIP is a new generation battery operated fixture that marks a new step in the wireless lighting technology. Z8STRIP is candidated to be one of the brightest outdoor battery LED batten in the market featuring 8x10W CREE XML LEDs with single pixel control, high efficiency optics and RGBW/FC colour calibration system for a precise reproduction of the full spectrum. The magnetic holder on the frontal lens offers moreover the possibility to adjust the beam angle through different diffusion filters. Z8STRIP is equipped with a lithium battery pack providing an autonomy from the mains up to 16 hours (colour-changing) and W-DMX control for full cable-free operations. It comes in a robust die-cast aluminium IP65 housing but with smooth and elegant design, allowing it to be applied for almost any environment both indoor and outdoor. Z8STRIP is a rental-friendly tool, it can be used as a universal projector in architectural projects, showrooms, wedding party, conference, exhibition, fashion and concerts. Protection: IP65, for temporary outdoor use. It has a beam angle of 10°. It has a beam angle of 10°, and a recharge time of 6 hours maximum.

  • DMX Channels/Mode - 4, 6, 10,32,37 channels
  • Control Input - 5 pin XRL / Wireless
  • Power Consumption - 86,6W / 0.38A
  • Weight - 10Kg
  • Transport Weight (pack of four) - 98Kg
  • Product Rate: £66.67 per Day
    £100.00 per Week
    All prices exclude VAT

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