Chauvet Net-Switch, Network Switch


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The NET-Switch is a network switch that is ideal for both the touring and installation markets.  NET-Switch is designed to distribute Art-Net, Kling-Net, sACN, and other entertainment control protocols. To meet the requirements of the touring and installation markets, the NET-Switch includes both truss mounting options, and removable rack-mount ears. With its 8 etherCON ports, this product will preserve your signal strength and add protective isolation. NET-Switch utilizes High bandwidth, 48Gb/s throughput to reduce latency, and insure that you will hit your mark for live shows.

  • DMX Channels/Mode - NA
  • Control Input - Ethernet
  • Power Consumption - 25W / 0.1A
  • Weight (Supended) - NA
  • Transport Weight - NA
  • Product Rate: £16.67 per Day
    £25.00 per week
    All prices exclude VAT

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