Chauvet Net-X


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Net-X is a reliable and versatile rack-mountable sACN or Art-Net-to-DMX node. It has two 5-pin DMX inputs and eight 5-pin DMX outputs, all optically isolated and can distribute up to eight sACN or Art-Net universes simultaneously. The eight 5-pin DMX outputs can be individually assigned to any of the DMX inputs or the sACN or Art-Net input to mix network inputs with DMX inputs in a single device. LTP and HTP merging is fully supported for sACN or Art-Net to merge two incoming controllers to each DMX output. Net-X provides a reliable, highly customizable network infrastructure for complex control systems.

  • DMX Channels/Mode - 8 Universe
  • Control Input - Art-Net, 5pin DMX
  • Power Consumption - 0.13A
  • Weight (Suspended) - 2.0Kg
  • Transport Weight - 6.0Kg



  • Product Rate: £16.60 per Day
    £25.00 per Week
    All prices exclude VAT

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