GSL 10way Dual Buffer


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The 1U 10Way Splitter Box is a very competitively priced and robust Buffer box intended to handle the rigours of touring. It is 19″ rack mountable as well as having the facilities to be truss mountable with an M12 Bush in the lid and safety eye on the rear.

The 5 isolated pairs of DMX Outputs are made up of all 5pin XLRs and are switchable between one of two 5pin XLR inputs A + B.

A fused IEC Input connector with 2Amp Time-Lag fuse designed to IEC specification can be found on the rear.

  • DMX Channels/Mode - 2 universe split
  • Control Input - 5pin DMX
  • Power Consumption - 0.2A
  • Weight (Suspended) - 4.3Kg
  • Transport Weight - 6.0Kg
  • Product Rate: £25.00 per Day
    £37.50 per Week
    All prices exclude VAT

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