Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere

Utopium illuminated London’s celebrated landmark, Nelsons Column to transform it into a giant lightsaber which lit up the city’s skyline. Utopium provided 24 Clay Paky Mythos, three MDG One atmosphere machines, four Studio Due City-color LED’s and two Studio Due City-beam’s to create this fitting spectacle.   

In Leicester Square, the cast and crew were joined by celebrity guests as the area was transformed into a space-themed venue befitting this colossal event. Utopium installed 120 tonnes of ballast weight to stabilise the 26 masts supporting 175m of 52cm ST header truss, from which the lighting, 10 x 29m3 video walls supplied by VER, and over 1,000m3 of black wool serge drapes were rigged. The black drape, which masked the background, worked to create a visually stunning effect on the red carpet. 

LED lighting illuminated the entire length of the red carpet, the Empire and Odeon Cinemas and the stage set where the world’s media captured the stars. To achieve this, Utopium provided 68 SGM P5s, 12 SGM P2s, 8 SGM Q7, the effects were achieved using 50 Chauvet 230 SR Beams, 24 Chauvet RH1s, 12 MAC 2K Wash’s, and 12 Chauvet 412Z’s.