Jake Bugg Tour 2016

Utopium built and supplied a custom floor package to illuminate Jake Bugg’s UK and European Tour. These included Martin Mac Quantum Profiles, new Martin Mac Aura XB washes to offer additional brightness and tighter beams, Martin Atomic 3K strobes, Thomas 4 Lite Molefays, SGM P-5 LED Floods, Antari HZ500 hazers, Antari AF-3 Fans, 8ft Black Truss Towers and a Road Hog 4 Control Desk. The team also supplied a flown package which incorporated Martin Mac Aura XB washes, 40ft Trusses, 0.5T Prolyft Double Braked Hoists, Martin Mac Quantum Profiles, Martin Mac Aura XB Washs, Martin Atomic 3K Strobe and Thomas 2 Lite Molefays.

The back of the stage was lined with five gauze panels which were painted with UV paint and lit up throughout the show using SGM P-5's. For the European shows, the team lost the flown lighting package and utilised the floor package and in-house rigs of local venues.