Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Utopium supplied lighting and rigging to the BBC’s stages and bars at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, 5-29th Aug 2016.

To light the 370ft BBC Big Blue Tent, which was used for broadcast, theatre, music and comedy performances, Utopium supplied 12 Arri L5-C Fresnels, 12 ETC Colour Source Spot 25 -50, 10 Martin Mac Quantum Profiles, 8 Chauvet 419z Washs, 16 SGM Q7 and 2 Avo Quartz Desks. Utopium also supplied 16 Miltec Batten 2s and 16 Pulsar Chroma Panels for the set lighting within the tent, and a variety of truss and hoists.

For the Castle Tent, which housed live outdoor performance, Utopium supplied 6 Arri 650w Pup Fresnels, 8 Chauvet ColorDash Quad 6 Battens, 4 Miltec Batten 2s and 1 Avo Titan Mobile Desk. The team also supplied architectural festoon lighting, practical flood lighting for the bars, and lighting to illuminate the BBC signage.

As well as lighting and rigging equipment, Utopium also designed, and provided drawings for all of the lighting on site. Key to the project was helping out the BBC, who had over 200 broadcasts and 30 different teams over the duration of the event.