Bristol Green Capital 2015

Bristol buildings were bathed with creative architectural lighting by Utopium, to provide a stunning backdrop for the city to launch its year as European Green Capital, 23rd – 25th Jan 2015.

Having already turned Bristol’s iconic Suspension Bridge Green on New Year’s Eve, Utopium was contracted by Richmond Event Management (REM) to help deliver successive Green Capital launch events, with the official opening ceremony followed by a high-wire stunt ‘Bridging the Gap'.

Utopium set the green scene at the Victoria Rooms to light the official opening ceremony on Jan 23rd, with interior lighting featuring LED wireless uplighters and stage lighting, whilst also lighting the building’s facade green.

Utopium was simultaneously working with REM and Cirque Bijou at the Create Centre to bring to life the creative concept of its ‘Bridging the Gap’ stunt– highlighting ‘the difference between our green intentions and our actions', Jan 24th.

The buildings and footbridge were lit minimising electricity consumption in line with the Green capital ethos, whilst accommodating the video projection of Cirque Bijou’s performance. Using energy efficient high output LED fixtures Utopium illuminated the three structures using just 12kw which required 48Amps total. Utopium also supplied the follow-spots for the high-wire performance. Each were 2.5Kw and had the perfect zoom range, these were sited on covered platforms installed by Serious Stages.

The lights were turned on just before dusk so that as the ambient light levels fell, the building began to glow out of the dusk, during the actual Bridging The Gap performance, LD Stuart Farrell took instruction from the Cirque Bijou show caller liaising with the creative team to produce the dramatic effect required.